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Velux Roof Terrace Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Velux Roof Terrace 101

The VELUX Roof Terrace is well-designed and has many functional benefits making it a splendid addition to your building in Singapore. Its innovative design enables floor-to-ceiling views and abundant natural light. While the upper element is TOP-Hung, the lower element is side hung, achieving a doorway to the outdoor terrace with an outward opening.

A roof terrace creates more living space for your home. It’s a unique outdoor space for relaxation, entertaining guests, and enjoying scenic views. You can even use the area to nurture plants and vegetables. Moreover, premium roof terraces such as the VELUX models enhance the value of your building, besides also serving as an emergency exit.

With straightforward installation and minimal maintenance, a VELUX roof terrace is an excellent investment in your home or commercial premises. Let’s explore some of the primary VELUX roof terrace features and benefits.

Easy to operate

VELUX roof terrace windows have a user-friendly operator system. Users can effortlessly open and close the windows with minimal effort. VELUX roof terraces can only be installed on pitched roofs with a pitch range of 35 to 53 degrees.

You simply open the upper section of the roof terrace window whenever you want stunning panoramic views or enhanced natural airflow. To access the outside, open both the top and bottom sections to provide a doorway.

Safety and Security

As a customer-centric company, VELUX has designed the roof terrace with robust construction and reliable locking mechanisms, ensuring the windows remain securely in position for enhanced safety. The robust and thick laminated inner glass increases resistance to manual attack, thus preventing burglary.

UV protection

The roof terrace windows have UV filters that provide the utmost protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding furnishings and flooring from fading and potential damage.

Seamless blending with the roof

VELUX roof terrace can be seamlessly integrated into the roof surface, resulting in a clean and cohesive appearance inside and outside the building.

Energy-conscious design

The roof terrace prioritizes energy efficiency, incorporating 65 triple-glazed glass units as a standard feature. The low-energy glazing units minimize heat loss through the VELUX roof terrace and enhance indoor comfort. This design ensures excellent insulation and minimizes heat loss, promoting energy conservation.

Weather resistant

VELUX roof terrace is specifically engineered to be weather resistant. They offer enhanced protection against rain, wind, and other challenging weather elements in Singapore and other regions. The anti-dew coating prevents dew from forming on the outer glass and thus gives you a clear view. The roof terrace has flashing to weatherproof around the seal of the windows.

Rain noise reduction feature creates a barrier between the window and the outside weather to achieve undisturbed moments whenever it rains. It helps to create a cozy atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the soothing sound of rain without it being disruptive.
Optimal ventilation

Roof terraces enhance ventilation whenever the terrace is opened. In addition, the VELUX terrace window has an integrated vent flap, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh air even when the window is closed. Users can easily adjust depending on their preferences, providing a comfortable and well-ventilated space.

Styles and design

VELUX roof terrace is available in various styles and sizes to suit your unique needs and preferences. Clients can choose between a double or triple combination. Moreover, it is designed with a natural pine finish to suit different rooms and property types. When it comes to cleaning, the dirt-repellent finish lets you spend minimal time cleaning and more time taking in the views.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the VELUX roof terrace ticks all the boxes regarding performance, aesthetics and functionality, and value for money. If you’re looking for VELUX roof terrace and related accessories in Singapore, contact Terreal for the best deals.

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