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Velux Roof Windows Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Velux Roof Windows Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

VELUX roof windows are the go-to roofing products in Singapore to bring the outside in and enhance the value of your property. The modern design of the roof products provides an unmatched style that matches varying types of rooms and spaces for residential and commercial buildings.

VELUX roof windows are designed to transform an ordinary room into a relaxing and cozy space, helping you achieve the living space of your dream. Regarding mode of operation, VELUX roof windows are available in four categories, including manual, fixed, electric, and solar-powered. Let’s explore the various options.

Manual roof windows

VELUX manual roof windows are available in two options, centre pivot roof window or top hung roof window. The primary difference lies in how they open and operate. VELUX Centre pivot windows open around a central axis, allowing the sash to rotate and pivot from the center. This design offers versatility regarding the opening angle, as the window can be tilted for ventilation or rotated for easier cleaning and access. On the other hand, the VELUX top hung windows open from the top and hinge at the top edge of the frame.

VELUX manual roof windows are designed for easy and convenient operation. With a simple manual mechanism, these windows allow you to control the ventilation and natural light entering your space. You can effortlessly open, close, and position the window to your desired angle using a handle or control bar.

VELUX Fixed roof windows

VELUX Fixed roof windows, as the name suggests, cannot open or close. The roof windows are designed for roof pitches ranging from 0° to 15°. Choosing a fixed skylight can help cut costs down, besides security benefits. The VELUX fixed roof windows are available in various sizes to suit different roof structures and room sizes.

VELUX Electric Or Solar-Powered Roof Windows

The innovative roof windows are designed with a fully integrated motor which opens and closes the window for you, thus much convenience. The user operates the window using a control pad with a touch screen and swipe function. The VELUX electric windows require extra wiring to supply power from the mains. However, solar-powered roof windows don’t require extra wiring since the solar cells are inbuilt into the window frame.

The electric and solar-powered roof windows utilize VELUX INTEGRA® and are the ideal addition to roofing where the window is beyond reach for manual opening. As a homeowner, the innovative system offers much convenience as you can use a remote to control your windows, blinds, and shutters.

What if it suddenly rains? Well, the roof windows have an inbuilt rain sensor that closes the windows automatically when it starts raining. Therefore, you can rest assured that the rain will not damage your home.

Energy balance

VELUX roof windows are unmatched when it comes to energy balance. The roof windows utilize solar gain and maintain the heat during winter. On the other hand, they keep the indoors cool and comfortable during summer, preventing overheating during extreme summer days.

Glazing Types for Velux Roof Windows

The glazing type is a crucial consideration for roof windows due to its significant impact on performance, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. For example, double glazing is superior to most single-glazing options, especially regarding thermal insulation, energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and overall performance of the roof window.

You can choose VELUX roof windows with Low-E (Low-Emissivity) Coating for enhanced performance. The coating is a thin, transparent metallic layer applied to the glass surface to minimize heat transfer and solar heat gain while enabling natural light to pass through. It reflects heat into the interiors during winter, improving energy efficiency, and blocking heat from entering during the summer, thus keeping the interior cooler.

Not sure about the ideal glazing type for your building. Consult the professional team at Terreal for informed guidance in choosing the most suitable roof window model, depending on your specific needs and requirements. As a customer-centric company, we only work with VELUX products as they are the best quality roof windows in Singapore and beyond, and their features are top-notch.

Terreal offers the full range of VELUX Windows to suit different budgets and types of projects. Choose a style and model that blends tastefully into the roof of your building, whether contemporary or traditional. Contact our sales team to place an order or in case you require further details regarding our products and services.

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