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White Roof Tiles Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
White Roof Tiles

Terreal is one of the key players in the roof tiles market. Terreal offers an unrivalled choice of modern tiles to suit varying traditions and customer needs. We provide complete roofing solutions to achieve roof systems that uphold long lasting beauty with utmost technical performance. Terreal’s white roof tiles are ideal for both contemporary and traditional roof designs that blend in perfectly with local styles and heritage.

Terreal has over 150 years of experience and 25 plants worldwide. We have been consistently trusted to offer top-notch white roofing solutions for a diverse range of clientele.

Terreal also has a comprehensive range of roofing components to ensure easy and quick installation. Roofing components for white roof tiles also enhance water tightness, besides providing highly aesthetic finishing.

Terreal’s white roof tiles are the epitome of sustainability. Our clay tiles have superior solar reflective, offering up to 53% compared to asphalt shingles or concrete tiles. Terreal’s white roof tiles are also environmentally friendly. They offer a thermal reflection of up to 86% and are thus the best choice for Green roof solutions.

Clay roof tiles are highly effective radiators, limiting penetration of radiant heat during the day and re-emitting heat to the outside at night. Terreal’s white roof tiles have largely curved profiles which achieves a larger air gap of up to 100mm. The white roof tiles provide impeccable natural insulation and ventilation with natural air flow from eave until the ridge.

Terreal’s white clay roofing tiles come up with a standard 10-year warranty. The white roof tiles are however long lasting, requiring zero maintenance or refinishing. Terreal’s white roof tiles are 100% natural and recyclable. They are made using locally sourced materials. Our clay tiles have an impressive post recyclable content of 15%.

Terreal has adopted a manufacturing process that reduces, reuses and recycles. White roof tiles have thus upheld global environmental conservation efforts. Terreal has set up factories close to major markets for roof tiles. The company thus minimizes its transportation carbon footprint after the manufacture of white roof tiles.

Terreal’s white roof tiles are compatible with a comprehensive range of roofing components. SealMax from Terreal is a multi-purpose, non-staining sealant based on hybrid silyl-modified polyether technology. The roofing component offers excellent strength and adhesion capabilities.

SealMax is highly recommended for a wide range of industrial bonding and sealing applications. SealMax provides weather proof joints between various substrates including white roof tiles. Terreal DRY FIX™ is a versatile, self-adhesive tape that is compatible with white roof tiles. DryFix™ perfectly Adheres to the substrate during roofing. It subsequently eliminates wind lifting and wind-driven water.

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